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Capital Solutions
for Your Industry

Trucking, Construction, & Logistics

Trucking, Construction and Logistics is one of the underlying fundamentals that drives business; goods are transported across the country but operational costs, unforeseen expenses and pending payments on open invoices can make the trip more difficult than it needs to be. Whether it is to expand your business by hiring new drivers and buying new trucks, provide a short-term bridge between open invoices while maintaining your fleet or buttress against seasonal trends, Fundella Capital is at your side!

Restaurants, Hotel & Franchises 

You are responsible for more than food, you are giving customers an eating experience. If you’ve already launched and have been running your restaurant for a while, you still face financial hurdles. Equipment breaks, customer bases change, and competition evolves. A Merchant Cash Advance can address these needs, and more. 

Medical, Dental & Pharmaceutical

Finding funding in the Healthcare (Dental, Medical, Wellness and Pharmaceutical) sector can be a headache and extremely time consuming.

That is why Medical Specialists and Administrative professionals turn to Graywell Capital for Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) as we provide the much-needed capital these practices and businesses need.

Retail, Wholesale and E-commerce

 Be sure to ask us how a Merchant Cash Advance can help you reach your retail goals. As a business owner in the retail industry, you know that your world is consistently evolving. There are marketing, advertising, inventory, potential inventory, retail space, and growth opportunities awaiting you around almost every corner. A Merchant Cash Advance can help you meet these issues head-on, making the most of your corner in the retail world. 

And Many More

Almost every industry qualifies for our programs. 

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